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And even so, the response of the mayor of Cologne was to say that women should keep their distance and avoid provoking men — as though indigenous German men were in the habit of assaulting women in public. And it was not until some of the victims of the Rotherham rape gangs spoke out that the police and local authorities were forced to acknowledge what had been happening there — and not only there — to vulnerable girls targeted by gangs of Muslim men. Read the full article: The Spectator


News from Scrutopia. Standpoint - Daniel Johnson, April 2016

A new book by Roger Scruton is always cause for a toast, even when — as in this case — the contents are not entirely new. Confessions of a Heretic (Notting Hill, £14.99) boasts a title saturated in theology. Yet “confessions” no longer imply the sacrament of penance, and “heretic” is nowadays a badge of pride, without a whiff of the bonfire. A penitent heretic would once have thrown himself on the mercy of God, but that is not for Scruton. Rather, he is proud to confess his heresies, and he is notably impenitent. His “confessions” are intended in the sense of a statement of belief, just as the Augsburg Confession summarises Lutheranism. This unpretentious little book, written at home in “Scrutopia”, is in fact the author’s personal creed. Read the full article on Standpoint

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