Scrutopia Alumni Meeting 2022

Scrutopia friends, join us for the Alumni meeting from Friday 1st until Wednesday 6th July 2022.

Programme Outline
Speakers Themes
Dr. Alicja Gescinska  How to think philosophically based on the teachings of Sir Roger Scruton.
Professor Anthony O’Hear OBE On Human Nature,  seminar to take place by kind invitation of Anthony and Trish O’Hears in their library in Sherborne House, Oxfordshire.
Ken Worpole Bread salted with tears: land and community (based on the book 'No Matter How Many Skies have Fallen, back to the land in wartime Britain').
Ian Christie A response to Ken Worpole and the role of Green Philosophy.
Dominic Houlder Sailing to Greece: the role of philosophy and the relationship between experience, thought and action, through the teaching of philosopher, R G Collingwood FBA.
Jules Goddard Hegel’s dialectic and Schopenhauer’s notion of will.
Marek Matraszek The Future of Central Europe.

Please apply to: Mrs Izzy Larthe, Director of Admissions. You can download the application form here.

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