Music as an Art

Bloomsbury 2018

Music as an Art begins by examining music through a philosophical lens, engaging in discussions about tonality, music and the moral life, music and cognitive science and German idealism, as well as recalling the author's struggle to encourage his students to distinguish the qualities of good music.

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Beauty: A Very Short Introduction

Oxford University Press 2010

Beauty can be consoling, disturbing, sacred, profane; it can be exhilarating, appealing, inspiring, chilling.

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The Aesthetics of Music

Oxford University Press (1997)

What is music, what is its value, and what does it mean? In this stimulating volume, Roger Scruton offers a comprehensive account of the nature and significance of music from the perspective of modern philosophy.

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The Aesthetics of Architecture

Princeton University Press (1979)

Scruton takes his readers on a journey through aesthetic theory and tries in every sense to apply them directly to architecture. By using theories from Kant, Marx, Freud, Hume, Alberti, Ruskin and many others on topics such as constructivism, and literary theory, Scruton tries to find the essence of architecture. Has architecture an essence?

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The Classical Vernacular: Architectural Principles in an Age of Nihilism

Carcanet (1995)

Roger Scruton is never less than forthright, and in his lucid and challenging essays on architecture he anatomises the spatial imagination of the age by analysis and comparison.

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Understanding Music - Philosophy and Interpretation

Bloomsbury (2009)

Roger Scruton first addressed this topic in his celebrated book The Aesthetics of Music (OUP) and in this new book he applies the theory to the practice and examines a number of composers and musical forms.

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