“A Dove Descending” – Roger Scruton in Eastern Europe for 40 years, memorial workshop

Date: 03.04.2024
Location: 1054 Budapest, Zoltán street 10.
Registration: 08.45-09.15
Greeting: 09.15-09.30

Keynote Lecture:

  • 9.30-10.00 Sophie Scruton: Roger Scruton in Eastern Europe

"On Hunting" review and further information


We are thinking with love of Roger today and are happily reminded of something he loved so much, which was hunting. His book ‘On Hunting’ has been republished by St Augustine’s press and reviewed by his former student Sebastian Morello titled "Ground into atoms and scattered as dust."  Click here to read 

Another book on the subject has recently been published by Charlie Pye-Smith. It is research into the wildlife management changes since the Hunting Act came into force. Rural Wrongs: Hunting and the Unintended Consequences of Bad Law 

Following its publication, Sebastian Morello brought the author, Charlie Pye-Smith and Wildlife Management researcher, James Barrington to the VWH Meet to enjoy a day’s trail hunting. They were hosted by Sophie on a day that brought back many happy memories of all that Roger loved about the hunt. The film will be published tonight at 6pm on The European Conservative You Tube channel. It will be part of the interesting Symposia discussions that Morello has been leading. Hoping you enjoy watching and listening to thoughtful discussion. Click here to view.


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Praxis Circle Podcast featuring Roger Scruton -

Praxis Circle Podcast Series: "Building World Views" featuring Roger Scruton for 2 episodes is available to listen to by clicking on the links below. 

Episode 1 "What is truth and reality"

Episode 2 "What defines personhood"

Introduction from Praxis Circle 

"We had the honour of conducting one of Roger's very last interviews before his passing in 2020 covering a wide range of his philosophical focus and how it relates to worldview. Tune in for a mind-expanding conversation you won't want to miss! In the episodes, Roger discusses philosophy, the pursuit of truth, and several dual issues: foundations and constructions, elitism and anti-elitism, and a particularly poignant distinction between a culture of repudiation vs. affirmation. While weighty topics, Scruton offers thoughtful answers that can help us understand and navigate today’s often troubling times."



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CORRECTION: The RSLF interview with Mary Berry will be on the 27th June, not July. Thank you. 

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